Reformed Baptist Church (RBC), Vinukonda.


Reformed Baptist Church (RBC) was initially founded by Pastor B. Sunath Kumar in the year 2001  and now it continues to grow by the Grace of God even though it has many challenges to face with.Pastor Samuel Boppuri leads the flock to spread God’s Kingdom in our town. The church currently needs another elder and a deacon. We at RBC, take the Word of God seriously as God’s only revelation to the mankind and also His command to share the good news to all creatures ( Isaiah 55:10-11, Rom 1:16, Mark 16:15). We are a Telugu speaking people. However Sunday Morning Services are bi-lingual (English and Telugu) for the benefit of the educated and the college going students. We believe that it is through the corporate worship of the believers God’s name is highly exalted (Ex 3:12, Heb 12:22). Every Sunday we meet at 9:30 A.M.

Weekly Activities

Wednesday: Every Wednesday we gather for the Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.

Saturday: Saturday is the day of evangelism for us. We as a team go into the streets of Vinukonda distributing the  Gospel tracts, engage in personal evangelism and offering prayers to the sick and needy.

Monthly Activities

Every 3rd Friday of the month, we hold a youth meeting to reach out to the youth with the Gospel.

Church Planting work at at Narasaraopet


We have started services towards the planting of a church in Narasaraopet since 2012 with a vision to reach out to more than 40,000 students who study in various educational institutions. Not only that it has a population of more than 10,0000. It is our desire to reach out to people from all walks of life with the Glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We gather there every Sunday evening at 6’0 clock. Currently there are more than 100 students are attending the service for which we praise God.

The Bible Training Institute (BTI)

Bible Training Institute

The Bible Training Institute was set up in the year 2011 to train those who are called into the ministry. The BTI only focuses to train pastors/missionaries/evangelists in a way that is most useful to them to continue their ministry in villages without compromising on the essential doctrines of the Word of God (2 Tim 3:16).  It offers a 2 year diploma programme for those who seek to extend their theological knowledge. In order to facilitate the brethren to watch over their flock, we only gather two days a month. In a place where there is a dearth of evangelical material, we aim to focus on 4 very important subjects. And they are Systematic Theology, the Old Testament Theology, the New Testament Theology and the Church History. By way of introducing these subjects, we like to teach our brethren the importance knowing the Word of God in a deeper way, to be a good student of it through out his life (2 Tim 4:13) and learn lessons from how the earlier generations remained faithful or strayed from the truth. Through BTI, it is our desire to train up men who will plant biblical churches and send missionaries to the places where either the Gospel’s influence is minimal or no influence at all . We are Reformed Baptist in our theology and practice. Pastor Sunath Kumar, Pastor Samuel Boppuri, Pastor Kiran Nalluri and Pastor Anna Raj Kumar teach at the BTI on regular basis, whilst guest teachers come on and off.

The Sarah Ross Children’s Home


The Sarah Ross Children’s Home was established with a vision to care for the destitute and the poor children in our region. We currently look after 12 children. All of them are either orphans or semi-orphans or very poor. We send them to the local government school where their educational needs are met. In the year 2011 we were able to construct a new facility for the children. We like to expand our the Children Home in the future the Lord willing and extend our helping hand to more destitute and orphan children.

The Evening School Ministry


The Evening School ministry was started in the year 2009 with a vision to reach out to children from different walks of life and also to their parents in our neighborhood. Evening School is a free tuition centre and it is an after-school exercise.  Many parents cannot send their children to Corporate Schools where the fee is often unaffordable. So we at the Evening School teach children different subjects to help them make progress in their studies. Currently 60 children come and learn new things every evening. The Best part comes when all these children come for the Sunday School to learn about the Living God of the Bible.

The Medical Ministry



VMMF has been helping poor patients with free diagnosis and free medicine and at times distributes blankets, dining plates, water glasses and such basic material.


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